Books I’ve Been Reading

“Our thoughts create our lives and our words indicate what we are thinking.” A Complaint-Free World, by Will Bowen
Dear sisters-in-Christ, in an effort to improve my Complaint-Free Diet, I have been supplementing my reading with books dealing with our Mouth Makeover. Every week or so I will review one of the books and share what I learned from it so that you can decide if you also want to check it out.
This week I will tell you about the book, A Complaint-Free World, by Will Bowen. This book is not written from a completely Christian point of view, but has some interesting lessons.
In the book Bowen urges his readers to take the challenge to go 21 consecutive days without complaining. He asserts that this project will take 4 to 8 months for most people.
But why should we bother with such a challenge? The best parts of Bowen’s book give the motivation to give up complaining and take his 21-day challenge. I will highlight some of his reasoning.
  •   “Complaining is talking about things you do not want rather than what you do want” (p. 10). Complaining focuses our minds on things we do not like. We will experience more joy if we focus on what we do like about our lives.
  •   “Changing our words will ultimately change our thoughts, which will in turn, change our world” (p.70). When we eliminate negative words from our vocabularies, our minds will be forced to come up with more positive thoughts.
  •   “To be a happy person…you need a very, very high threshold of what leads you to express grief, pain, and discontent” (p. 26). Bowen points out that most of the time what we complain about is very minor. Dwelling on these minor annoyances does not improve our state of mind.
  •  The negative events we complain about are often the things that lead us to improve our lives and become better persons. Bowen likens the bad things in our lives to a slingshot. The further back a slingshot is pulled, the further a stone flies. Often setbacks occur directly before great leaps of achievement or success. So instead of complaining look forward to the next great thing in your life.
A Complaint-Free World gives motivation to give up the complaining habit. I hope it will help me today when I’m tempted to gripe and whine!