A Makeup Prayer

Lately I’ve been thinking about Paul’s instruction, “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and looking for ways to incorporate prayer into my daily life.
On Monday I talked about praying when I feel like worrying, praying when I’m craving food I shouldn’t eat and praying before I open my mouth and say something stupid.
Another way to be reminded to “pray without ceasing” is to use prayer prompts. And as I was putting on my makeup today, I realized that this daily routine just might be another good opportunity to pray.
Maybe my “Makeup Prayer” could be something like this:
Moisturizer with sunscreen: Father, today I am going out into the world. Help me to be a positive, soothing influence and at the same time protect me from the negative forces that are ever present.
Foundation: Lord, You are the foundation of my life. I know I sometimes forget this, but today Lord, help me remember that I can do all things through You and nothing without You.
Mascara: Father, help me to see people as You see them (and me)—as flawed, yet dearly loved children.
Blush: Spirit, help me to pursue righteousness and innocence today and to blush at any hint of impurity.
Lip Gloss: Jesus, may my mouth speak words of love today. Give me lips that encourage and build up the people in my life.
My makeup routine will also become a habit of prayer!
How about you? Can you use a new makeup routine too? 


  1. Thank you. I think that itis a wonderful guideline of remembering to put on Christ and let the Spirit do the work that He alone can bring about. Blessings of grace and truth to you.

  2. Thank you Sue for the reminder to put on Christ even as we are putting on our makeup!