A Bucketful of Grace


Would you believe that this is the tenth month of my mouth makeover? Would you believe that I just realized that my makeover was missing a crucial component?

Grace. My mouth makeover was missing grace.

When I read this verse in Colossians a couple of days ago, it was if I read it for the first time:

 “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” Colossians 4:6

I realized that my words are not always full of grace. I was approaching this Mouth Makeover as if it simply consisted of following a bunch of rules: Be polite. Don”t swear. Say one nice thing to my hubby today. (That’s it–just one–he better not expect any more!)

I have not been approaching this mouth makeover as an opportunity to dispense God’s grace.

One reason this has happened is because I tend to live my life in a way that doesn’t require much grace. I try to be a good girl, follow the rules, obey the commandments so that I won’t have to bother God too much by asking for a lot of grace. “God I don’t want to appear too messy or too needy or too desperate. I just need a little cup of grace today to clean up the little mess I made.”

But the truth is that no matter how good or bad I’ve been, I still need an industrial-sized bucket of grace. And God has an endless-ocean supply of it. He is not one bit perturbed that He has to give me more than a cupful. He’s just waiting for me to bring a bigger container.

Here’s the connection I realized between my mouth makeover and grace. When I only accept that cupful of grace, I don’t have a lot of the stuff to share. I get a little stingy.

But if I come to God with my industrial-sized bucket ready to be flooded with His grace, I have more to share. When I get a glimpse of how much grace I really need, then I am more likely to be generous in giving forgiveness, love and mercy to the people in my life.

A Mouth Makeover is not simply following a list of rules and guidelines–it is a way to dispense God’s grace.

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  1. Sharla, what a powerful statement: “My mouth makeover was missing grace.” Thanks for this great post and wonderful reminder!

  2. Thanks Donna for your encouragement!