Tame Your Tongue: Grace Glasses

“Let your speech always be with grace.”
Colossians 4:6
Last week I talked about how I realized that the missing ingredient in my Mouth Makeover was grace.
I realized that a Mouth Makeover is not simply following a list of rules and guidelines: Say please. Don’t swear. Say one nice thing to my hubby everyday. Just one :)
A Mouth Makeover works a lot better if I accept God’s grace for all my mouth mishaps and then look for opportunities to dispense that grace to others.
So now I am asking God for “grace glasses”–eyes to see who needs an infusion of God’s mercy and love. I am trying to listen to His voice and actually notice the people who pass through my life. I’m searching for people who might need a refreshing word or appreciative comment. This means taking my eyes off of myself long enough to notice the tired cashier at the grocery store or detect a hurting friend. It means perceiving my husband’s tired posture and the hint of disappointment in his eyes.
Calvin Miller wrote in The Power of Encouragement: 
We must go into all the world and redeem it from the paralysis of hurt. We must find those who are shattered and love them back together again. We have freely received grace, and we must freely distribute grace as well.

Won’t you join me in wearing grace glasses this week?