Waiting Cover002 - Copy (2)We wait. And wait. And wait. In traffic, at the doctor’s office, at the restaurant. For the right guy. For a baby. For test results. For prayers to be heard. Waiting can be agony. In our culture where almost everything is instant, we are accustomed to getting what we want now. So when our lives are put in a holding pattern, we squirm. But what is the waiting rooms of life are God’s best classrooms? What if the Holy Spirit changes us through the uncomfortable delays of life?

In Waiting: A Bible Study on Patience, Hope, and Trust you will:

  • study eight women in Scripture who experienced a waiting period
  • learn how God meets us in the in-between times of life
  • discover biblical principles that will make waiting more bearable and meaningful
  • grow closer to the Father in the daily-ness of waiting

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204196 - Copy (2)Do you need a place to rest your heart? When your body aches you can take it to a spa for a therapeutic massage. But what do you do when you are soul-tired? Come to the Soul Spa where God is eager to meet you and care for your spirit. My new book, Soul Spa: 40 Days of Spiritual Renewal,  gives you tools to care for your soul and bring your life back into balance. You will have the opportunity to explore Spiritual practices that will help you meet with God and allow Him to heal your spirit. You will discover how to develop a personal soul care plan for long-term spiritual health and joy.


In Soul Spa: 40 Days of Spiritual Renewal you will:

  • learn creative ways to meet with God
  • discover how centuries-old Spiritual disciplines can strengthen your faith today
  • grow in intimacy with Christ
  • have fun with spa activities
  • come away refreshed and energized

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Divine Makeover001Sharla’s book for teens: Divine Makeover: God Makes You Beautiful is based on her first book: Divine Design: 40 Days of Spiritual Makeover. Refashioned for young women, this Bible study helps young women discover the inner beauty that is there for all of us because of Jesus’ love. This makeover will transform your heart, soul, and mind.

Ideal for church youth groups or for mothers to do with their teen daughters, this study will help readers transform their “closet” by tossing out unattractive and constrictive outfits like the prom dress of pride and the handbag of worry. It will enable young women to see themselves as beautiful in God’s Mirror–His Word.

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Bless These Lips Bless These Lips: 40 Days of Spiritual Transformation helps readers achieve a Mouth Makeover–not with a $50 lipstick, but with God’s grace. Examine what God’s Word has to say about our mouths, tongues, and lips. Discover the power of your words and how you can influence your world through them. Each chapter uses lipstick analogies along with humor and personal stories to dig into scripture passages that teach how to use our words wisely. Each day’s reading contains study questions and ways to reflect on what you have learned.

In this book you will discover how to:

  • Exfoliate: Scrub with Forgiveness
  • Soothe: Comfort with Encouragement
  • Plump: Enlarge with Praise
  • Line: Speak with Truth
  • Color: Choose Words with Grace
  • Gloss: Shine with Thankfulness
  • Seal: Protect with Discretion
  • Smile: Share with Joy

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In Divine Design: 40 Days of Spiritual Makeover readers are inspired to participate in a “heavenly” makeover through relinquishing unattractive habits and attitudes and exchanging them for God-pleasing behaviors and thinking. In this “What Not to Wear” experience, readers will be encouraged to get rid of the worry handbag, the prom dress of pride and other soul-constricting outfits.

This study book is divided into 8 weeks of study with each week having 5 days of reading and Bible study. A companion DVD with 8 teaching sessions is also available.

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Sharla is a contributing writer to The Household Money Organizer (Revell). This book is a unique month-by-month pocket planner designed to help you keep your personal finances on track. Sharla wrote articles on “Fun Ways to Live Withing Your Means” and “Handling the Holidays.” Other articles on reducing debt, saving on everyday expenses, and teaching children to handle money are also included.


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Meal planning and grocery shopping can be tedious and time-consuming. But they don’t have to be! The Household Menu and Coupon Organizer is a unique month-by-month pocket planner that makes planning menus, making grocery lists, filing coupons, and managing your food budget easier than ever. Sharla contributed an article on holiday baking.

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Sharla is a contributing writer to the devotional Heaven Calling (Zondervan). Written as if God were talking directly to you, His daughter, this devotional takes you through the Bible in a year. This beautiful gift book paints a colorful portrait of the Bible’s most important concepts.


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Learn from the Hymns Bible Studies

Sharla has written a series of Bible studies for The Learn from the Hymns series examines classic hymns, the biblical lessons they offer and their relevance to life today.

The series includes

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