5 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

Part of my Frugal Fashion strategy is shopping at thrift stores. I don’t buy everything at second-hand shops, but I often discover amazing clothes there. It has actually become a kind of a game for me. I go wondering, “What will I find today?”
Over the years I’ve discovered a few ways to make the thrift store shopping experience more enjoyable and successful. Here are five tips I hope you will find helpful. (Next week I’ll share five more.)
  1. Pack along some patience. Thrift store racks are often crowded and disorganized.
  2. Go often. Second-hand stores get different merchandise every day.
  3. Know when your local thrift store has sales. For instance, the one nearest me discounts all clothes 50% on Mondays.
  4. Look for quality brands. My daughter once found an Armani blouse for 75 cents!
  5. Wear shorts or leggings and a t-shirt. That way you can try things on even if the store does not have dressing rooms
Do you have any great thrift-store shopping tips?

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5 Frugal Fashion Tips

If you know me, you know I love a good sale!
I love cute clothes, but because spiritual fashion is a greater priority for me than runway fashion, I try to spend my money wisely. That way I have more money to give away to church and deserving charities.
I thought some of you might feel the same way so I’m going to share a few of my frugal shopping tips. I’d love it if you would also leave a comment with some of your money-saving tips. A girl can always learn something new!
Here are my top five shopping tips:
  1. Know which colors and styles look best on you. Too many times I have bought something that was “in style” but looked horrible on me.
  2. Buy clothes at the end of the season. Shop clearance racks.
  3. Don’t be afraid to shop thrift stores.Sometimes you can find amazing deals!
  4. Never buy something unless you absolutely love it. If it’s a fabulous deal, but you’re not sure you’ll wear it, leave it at the store.
  5. Know when to say, “Enough is enough.” How many clothes do we really need?

What are your favorite shopping tips?

High Heels, High Pain

How to Tie a Scarf/ How to Win a Scarf!

Today is a Frugal Fashion Friday!

Scarves can be an inexpensive way to change your look. Watch this video to learn a new way to tie a scarf. If you would like to win the scarf, just leave a comment below!

Shopping in Your Closet

In Frugal Fashion we have talked about your style shape, colors and lifestyle. Now let’s get to work. The next step to building a workable wardrobe is to shop in your closet! Look through the closet and throw out anything you haven’t worn in a year, anything that doesn’t fit. Think about your style, shape, flattering colors and current lifestyle and get rid of the things that really aren’t working for you anymore.
Rubbermaid HomeFree series closet system

Hunt for basic pieces in your closet and build a wardrobe around them. What do I mean by basic pieces? One website I saw recommended purple tights, cocktail rings, ankle boots and a tent dress as essential pieces for the season! However, I suggest that you start with skirts and/or slacks in neutral colors. These basic wardrobe pieces should be in the style, shape, and colors that express you.

clothes from jcpenney.com

Once you have skirts or slacks you love as your building blocks, add coordinating items. I like to have at least three tops that go with each basic piece. That way I have a lot of options with fewer clothes. You might even want to make a list of your basic pieces and the coordinating items. Hang this list on your closet door and dressing in the morning will be a snap!

Frugal Fashion means having a wardrobe of garments that coordinate and make you feel great!

Frugal Fashion Fridays: Lifestyle Fashion

Frugal Fashion Fridays: The Color of Fashion

Bridesmaid Dress 

Welcome to another Frugal Fashion Friday post!

A key step in creating a workable and cost-conscious wardrobe is to choose a color palette. Last summer I was at a conference and noticed a woman in a striking aqua sweater. I commented that I liked the sweater and she replied, “Thanks, it’s kind of a signature color for me.” Sure enough, whenever I saw her over the next few days, she was wearing another lovely top in that aqua color. She had found a color that worked for her and used it well.

Another friend of mine visited a color consultant and discovered three colors that she loved and looked fantastic on her. When I peeked in her closet, everything was one of those three colors, plus basic black and white.

While we may not choose to limit our color choices so drastically, planning a wardrobe is much easier when we know our most flattering colors. When we select a palette of hues that coordinate, we can mix and match our wardrobe separates effortlessly. Shopping is simplified because we can limit our search to the colors we know work for us and ignore the items that are in unflattering hues.

How do we know which colors are best for us? You might make an appointment with a color consultant or read the classic book Color Me Beautiful, by Carole Jackson. Learn basic color principles. If your skin is pale, don’t choose colors that are too light, as these will wash you out. On the other hand, if your skin is dark, you can wear pale colors as a contrast. If your skin has yellow undertones, choose warm colors like yellow, brown, and red. If your skin has blue undertones, select colors like blue, purple, and fuchsia.

Pay attention when people comment on the color you’re wearing. It seems that whenever I wear something in a shade of coral, someone tells me, “You should wear that color all the time!” While I wouldn’t limit my wardrobe that dramatically, I do have a lot of clothes in that color.

Knowing which colors flatter you will help you avoid buying clothes that stay in the closet. Choosing a color palette will enable you to build a varied wardrobe with fewer items. For Frugal Fashion, discover your special colors.

Frugal Fashion Fridays: The Shape of Fashion

Frugal Fashion is all about looking good for less. Our first goal as we establish a wardrobe is to avoid mistakes and buy clothing that will flatter us and meet our fashion needs. First we established our fashion DNA, deciding if we are more of the Romantic, Sporty, Traditional or Dramatic type.

The next step to frugal fashion is to be aware of your shape. No two women are exactly the same, but there are four different basic shapes.

  • A shape: smaller on top and larger on the bottom
  • V shape: larger on top and smaller on the bottom
  • H shape: straight up and down
  • 8 shape: curvy

Here is another way to look at this issue with a few more options:


Look in the mirror and determine which shape best describes you. This will help you when you are purchasing clothing–simply look for garments that have the same basic shape. For instance, I am an A shape, so A-line skirts look good on me, as well as pants that have a wide leg. However, dresses that are straight up and down do nothing for me and clothing that is larger on the top than the bottom only accentuate my problem areas.
Everyone can look good in clothing that fits them. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Clothing that matches your shape will be more comfortable and more flattering.
P.S. If you want to get more scientific about it, check this site out. It has the four basic shapes (but calls them spoon, triangle, rectangle and hourglass) and how your measurements will indicate which shape you are.

Frugal Fashion Fridays: Your Fashion DNA

Here at Spiritual Makeover, I usually concentrate on our spiritual wardrobe. But I thought I’d start doing a weekly post on our actual clothing wardrobes. ‘Cause we all have to wear clothes–right? And while we don’t want to center our attention on how we look or spend a fortune on furs and jewels, we want to look nice for our hubbies or dress in a professional style for the office.

So I am starting Frugal Fashion Fridays!

For the next few weeks we will concentrate on the nuts and bolts of building a wardrobe. One of the first steps in building a wardrobe is to know your style–your fashion DNA.

Wardrobe consultant Annie Braumbaugh insists knowing your fashion DNA is key to building a wardrobe. She writes, “Define your style, and continue to refine it over time. This is your fashion DNA: what you love, what makes you comfortable, what you feel expresses you. Stay true to this, and the wardrobe will follow.” (read more of her fashion tips)

This will be our first step in frugal fashion. You see, if I am to build a wardrobe with bargains, I need to avoid spending money on fashion mistakes and to avoid fashion mistakes, I need to know what styles look good on me and convey my true image.

Think about your personality and your favorite outfits. Do you like to wear ruffles or jeans? Bright colors or basic black? Tailored clothes or trendy fads? These are clues to your clothing “genes”.

Is your fashion DNA:

  • Romantic Do you like to wear lace and ruffles? Flowing skirts and beautiful fabrics?


  • Sporty Do you primarily wear jeans and sportswear? Durable fabrics and athletic clothes?

  • Traditional Is your wardrobe filled with classic pieces? Suits and tailored slacks?


  • Dramatic Do you feel comfortable in bold colors and prints? Eye-catching designs? 

Once you have established your clothing personality, purchase styles that reflect your character. If you like to project a classic image, you will probably not feel comfortable in hot pink ankle boots and purple tights even if the salesperson assures you they are the latest style. Conversely, if you are a dramatic personality, a basic black suit will probably stay in the closet except for job interviews. Stick with the clothes that express you and you will be on your way to frugal fashion!
(P.S. Most of the clothes above are from jcpenney.com)

Do You Know Your Best Color?

Today’s post is a practical fashion post!

About twenty years ago a friend of mine convinced me to have my colors “done.” She recommended someone who had helped her choose her most flattering colors. I was little skeptical but I decided to try out the concept by going to a free workshop that the color expert was giving at a fabric store.

At the time my favorite basic color was navy. With my light skin and blond hair I knew that black was not a flattering color for me and heard that most blonds could wear navy. Well, imagine my surprise when the color consultant told me that navy was all wrong for me! She said I had warm skin tones and and should therefore be wearing browns, tans, and greens!

Have you ever had your colors done? Do you know which colors look best on you? Perhaps you aren’t even sure if you have a cool skin tone or a warm skin tone. Here are a few helpful tips to help you determine your basic skin tone:

1. Wash your face, removing all makeup. Wait a few minutes.

2. Find a large mirror with natural or non-fluorescent light.

3. Hold a plain piece of white paper next to your face. Does your skin have golden or yellow undertones next to the stark white? Then you have a warm skin tone. Rosy or pink undertones next to the white paper indicate a cool skin tone.

4. Still unsure? Get a piece of gold foil and a piece of silver foil. Hold the foils next to your face, one at a time. One of the colors will make your skin “glow” while the other will make it look ashen or gray. If the gold foil enhances your skin, you have a warm skin tone. If the silver foil is more flattering, you have a cool skin tone.

Why does knowing your skin tone matter? It will help you determine which colors to choose for makeup, hair color and clothing. The right colors make you look radiant and glowing, the wrong colors make you appear tired and drained.

In general, people with warm skin tones look good in browns, tans, beiges and earth tones. People with cool skin tones look good in black, white, blue and jewel tones. For more information on finding flattering colors check out this website.

Choose the right colors and shine!