Speaking Topics

speaking 1Life is overwhelming. Confusing. Chaotic. Sometimes we simply need to step out of the pandemonium for a time to connect with Christ in His Word. If you are planning a special event I’d love to be a part of it, sharing God’s transforming grace. Using in-depth Bible study and stories of my (often humorous) struggles, I help women discover their next step of faith.I am an alum of Carol Kent’s Speak Up! seminars and a Toastmaster International Competent Communicator. My speaking style is based on strong biblical teaching mixed in a fun and creative style. I’m available to speak for conferences, retreats, one-day events, and MOPS groups. Listed below are my topics which can be adapted for different lengths of time.

Soul Spa

girlsitting - CopyIs your spirit weary? Is your heart worn? Then come to the Soul Spa! In this presentation you will learn holy habits that will help you connect with the Savior–the One who promises to restore our souls (Psalm 23:3). You will explore Spiritual disciplines that Christians pursuing an intimate relationship with God have used for centuries. Plus, you will have the opportunity to experience them for yourself. All of this is wrapped in a fun spa theme that will leave you refreshed body and soul!

Some of the holy habits we will explore include:

  • Scripture meditation
  • Examen (finding God in the everyday)
  • Spiritual journaling
  • Worship
  • Authenticity

This talk will help you:

  • find rest for your soul
  • discover creative ways to meet with your Savior
  • develop your own soul care plan


What Not to Wear

Based on God’s “What Not to Wear” instructions in Colossians 3:9-10, this talk will help you weed out unattractive attitudes like the Worry Handbag, the Field Marshal Uniform of Control, and the Prom Dress of Pride. Tossing out these constricting outfits will allow God to make over your heart. You will discover how God’s Word can help you become a spiritual fashionista. This talk can be adapted to fit one session or an entire retreat.

Individual sessions include:

  • What Not to Wear–God’s STYLE
  • Clean Out Your Spiritual Closet 101
  • Clean Out Your Spiritual Closet 102
  • Look in the Mirror–A New You

This talk will help you:

  • Identify attitudes and behaviors that are uncomfortable and unattractive
  • Toss out the old mind-sets
  • Exchange the old behaviors for new God-pleasing ones
  • See your beauty in God’s eyes

Joyfully Ever After: Where Are You in the Cinderella Story?

Once upon a time. We all love those words. Those words promise a tale that ends with “and they all lived happily ever after” and in this discouraging, painful, heart-rending world we all desperately hope for a happy ending.

“Joyfully Ever After” retells the much-loved story of Cinderella as a picture of our relationship with the true Prince—King Jesus—and weaves in a similar story from the Song of Solomon. As these stories intertwine, you will rediscover God’s unfailing love and how you can live “joyfully ever after.”

At several points in the story, I pause to ask: “Where are you in Cinderella story?” You may find that you are stuck somewhere in the middle of the story when you really long to live “joyfully ever after.”

This presentation uses video clips from several Cinderella movies. It can be adapted for a one-session event or a whole retreat. “Joyfully Ever After” will help you:

  • to be confident of your beauty in Christ
  • listen to the words of the Prince and ignore the lies of the evil stepsisters (a.k.a. Satan)
  • experience an intimate relationship with the Prince
  • view your life as a romantic adventure with a guaranteed happy ending

Christ-Connected Women: Elizabeth and Mary

God designed us to be connected–connected to Him and to each other. We long to be intimately joined to Christ and to have strong ties to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The lives of Elizabeth and Mary the mother of Jesus illustrate how we can have those strong connections. This presentation explores how each of these courageous and godly women grew closer to God and how God put them together to strengthen each other.

Elizabeth’s life was characterized by a very long wait. Through the study of her life you will discover how to:

  • Connect through waiting with abiding
  • Connect through waiting with expectation
  • Connect through waiting with encouragement

Mary exemplifies acceptance. By examining her life you will learn how to:

  • Connect through acceptance with trust
  • Connect through acceptance with humility
  • Connect through acceptance with communion with other believers

This presentation is designed to be done in two sessions. It could be shortened or expanded to suit your event.

Make Over Your Mouth

Want luscious lips? The answer is not found in a $50 lipstick, but in a total mouth makeover. The world may value what we put on our lips, but God values what comes out of them. Learn how to become a positive influence through the words you speak. Based on Isaiah 6:1-9, this topic can fill one session or an entire retreat.

Individual sessions for a retreat would include:

  • Exfoliate: Scrub with Forgiveness
  • Lips Gloss, Plumpers, and Liners: Who Needs Them?
  • Lipstick, Lip Gloss, and Lip Sealers: What Good are They?
  • Smile: Share with Joy

A mouth makeover experience will help you:

  • Learn to better encourage the people in your life
  • Speak truth
  • Choose words of grace
  • Discover the benefits of thankfulness
  • Develop discretion in your speech

Easy Joy: Finding Joy in Nehemiah 8

IMG_4095 - Copy - CopyIs there such a thing as Easy Joy? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if every time you faced a disappointment or suffered a painful loss, you could run down to the corner store and pick up a jar of joy? Inspired by an actual store I saw in China, this talk helps us to see that God’s Word is the only source of joy that we need. This topic can be adapted to fit one session or an entire retreat.

“Easy Joy” will help you find joy:

  • in God’s presence
  • in brokenness
  • in purposeful times of celebration

Banish the Bitterness Sweater

When we’ve been hurt we sometimes grasp onto bitterness and put it on like a sweater, thinking it will comfort us. Initially bitterness may soothe our soul, but we soon discover it scratches our spirits. This talk explains how we can take off bitterness and instead button up the forgiveness sweater. This is a one-session talk that could be combined with What Not to Wear–God’s Style.

This talk will help you:

  • Discover forgiveness is a choice
  • Learn how our words affect forgiveness
  • Change your thought patterns
  • Delve into what the Bible has to say about forgiveness
  • Use prayer as a tool to forgive

The Handbag of Worry

We all struggle with worry at times. Is your anxiety more like the purse you carry around with you every day or like an evening bag you only use occasionally? No matter what your worry handbag looks like, this topic will help you to pitch it and instead use new accessories when anxiety threatens to take over your mind. Based on Matthew 6:25-34 and Philippians 4:6-8, this is a one-session talk that can be combined with What Not to Wear–God’s STYLE.

As you relinquish the handbag of worry you will:

  • Learn how to tame worrisome thoughts
  • Exchange worry for trust
  • Carry the tote of today
  • Retrain your mind

Building a Wardrobe with Bargains

Would you like to be a fashionista, but don’t have the budget? This practical speech shows how to put together a wardrobe with thrifty finds from clearance racks and resale shops. I sometimes combine this talk with the What Not to Wear talk.

In this talk you will learn how to:

  • Avoid buying something that only sits in your closet
  • Discover your fashion DNA
  • Choose basic pieces as the foundation of your wardrobe
  • Buy three outfits for under $20!

Heartfelt Hymns

Music often touches our hearts in a way nothing else can. Learn the stories behind favorite classic hymns and study their significance for life today. In this speech Sharla will talk about the background of favorite hymns and sing contemporary versions of them.

Hymns included are:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • Holy, Holy, Holy
  • It is Well with My Soul

Special Audiences

What Not to Wear–Pastors’ Wives Edition

As a pastor’s wife, Sharla knows there are specific attitudes that women in ministry sometimes struggle with. To serve the Lord with joy and freedom, we are encouraged to get rid of these. This is a one-session talk that could be combined with any of the other What Not to Wear talks.

In this What Not to Wear talk, you will learn how to:

  • Let go of perfectionism, self-pity, and expectations
  • Stop trying to do it all
  • Embrace forgiveness and friendship
  • Be a cheerleader for your husband
  • Appreciate how God values you

Speeches for Moms

Popular topics for moms include the above speeches:

  • What Not to Wear–God’s STYLE
  • The Handbag of Worry
  • Building a Wardrobe with Bargains 

I also have two talks tailor-made for moms:

What Not to Wear–Mom Edition

Moms often have special wardrobe needs. Some of the uncomfortable clothes we sometimes wear include the Worried-Sick-Handbag and Compared-to-Her-Clothing. Learn how to exchange these for the Purse-of-Prayer and Glad-to-Be-Me-Garb. This is a one session talk that could also be combined with Building a Wardrobe with Bargains.

This session will help moms:

  • Let go of worry
  • Take time for themselves
  • Learn to avoid comparison
  • Establish breathing room in their schedules
  • Enjoy the present without rushing to the future

Your Hidden Super-Power

Half mouth

We all have a super-power. An untapped ability to change our world. An oft-neglected, but mighty capability to renew and uplift the people in our lives. Learn how the force of encouragement can empower your family.

This one-session talk will help moms:

  • Communicate Confidence
  • Come Close to their family and friends
  • Charge up and Cheer their husbands and children


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What Others Are Saying

“Sharla spoke to a crowded room of more than 100 ladies at our annual Women’s Retreat. She is a gifted speaker, teacher, and singer. The women were encouraged by her transparency, analogies, and biblical truth.”
Katie Pece, Retreat Coordinator St. John’s Lutheran Church, La Grange, IL

“Sharla’s use of analogies was such a great teaching tool, which created images in my mind never to be forgotten and will continue to remind me of the truth of God’s Word.”
–Bonnie S.


“Sharla was great and our ladies so enjoyed her teachings on finding ‘Easy Joy’.  It was good application of God’s Word and while we, like Nehemiah, are sometimes fighting and rebuilding our spiritual connections we can also find joy and closeness with God in the midst of it all.”

–Andrea Sellers, Director of Women’s Ministry, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Austin, TX


“I enjoyed Sharla’s presentation and would recommend it to anyone desiring a closer relationship with Jesus and/or edification of their worth in God’s eyes. I thought Sharla did a splendid job of incorporating Song of Songs with the Cinderella story in ‘Joyfully Ever After.’ It all flowed together so well!”                    Joan Schlehlein, event coordinator for St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Waterford, WI

Sharla Fritz’s uses biblical truth and effective analogies to guide women toward a spiritual makeover, in setting aside the old and pursuing new spirit-filled hopes and habits.  Her sessions were informative, fun, and enlightening. She reminds us that our triune God is the designer of and dynamic behind our spiritual makeover.
Deb Miller–planner for pastors’wives retreat


Our ladies annual tea was blessed by hearing Sharla Fritz talk about a Divine Makeover! Fun  and thought provoking.  We would highly recommend Sharla!
–St. Paul Ladies Tea Co.
Oaklawn, IL


“Sharla truly inspired me to be more of a friend of God.”
–Betty C.


“It was delightful to have you come and share your stories with us. I think your illustrations really hit home with us.”
–Ann M.


“Sharla’s message was thought-provoking and challenging.”
–participant at women’s luncheon


“Thank you for your very visual presentation. The food for thought was delicious!”                   –participant at women’s luncheon


Sharla was an amazing, eye-opening speaker. I loved her suggestions and encouragements. It has fueled me to continue to progress in motherhood and as an encourager.             –MOPS mom