Three Steps To Take When Life Punches You In The Gut


What do you do when life delivers a devastating blow?

2014 was a joyous year for us. Our son got married to a wonderful young woman. Our daughter and her family flew from China to join in the wedding. They spent two months here in the states–we had abundant opportunities to play with our grandchildren.

Then 2015 arrived–with news of cancer. My husband John was diagnosed with lymphoma. We are still reeling from this punch. Sometimes life hits you hard and you are totally unprepared.

I know that we are not the only ones who have been hit hard. Some of you have experienced your own illnesses, chronic pain, job losses, and financial difficulties. Maybe even all of these at once.

This leg of our journey is still very new, but this is how we’re handling this devastating blow so far. In addition to finding the best doctors and medical care I am:

1. finding comfort in God’s Word. I’m searching through Scripture, hunting down all God’s promises of His presence and peace. Some of my favorites right now:

  • May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him. Romans 15:13
  • My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest. Exodus 33:14
  • Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear. Isaiah 65:24

2. calling on others to stand with us in prayer. It has been hard to tell people this difficult news. We often break down into a puddle of tears. Yet we have felt incredible love and support from our church, our family, and our friends. One couple invited us over for chicken soup with a side of prayer when we first heard the news. Church members gave us innumerable hugs. A simple request for prayer on Facebook drew 100 comments.

3. taking time each day to focus on what really matters. Each year I choose one word for the year. Ironically, this year I chose the word focus. Well, there is nothing like shocking news to make you focus on what is truly important. For now, this is as simple as just sitting with my wonderful hubby and holding his hand. It’s as uncomplicated as sitting quietly and soaking in God’s love.

I pray that our heavenly Father will strengthen you in whatever you are going through today.

Romans 15-13

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