Finding Faith When Life Hurts


Today I’m over at my friend Meadow Rue’s blog. Meadow Rue Merrill is an award-winning writer, contributing magazine editor and mom of six including Ruth, who was adopted from Uganda. Meadow doesn’t wear a clerical collar. She didn’t graduate from seminary, but she believes that God is intimately involved in her everyday life, an experience she shares in her weekly newspaper column, “Faith Notes.”

The year started with ominous news. A few days into 2015 our family doctor called with the results of my husband’s recent CT scan. “Sorry to say—” His voice broke. “It looks like lymphoma.”

So began a journey we never wanted. After the initial phone call there were biopsies and PET scans. My husband, John, had appointments with cancer specialists and oncology nurses. We learned the jargon of sickness that no one really wants to know.

The first day of chemotherapy, John sat in the infusion chair for seven hours having two powerful medicines pumped into the port near his right shoulder. The first medicine had to be administered slowly – for five hours it slowly dripped into his veins. When the oncology nurse came with the second bag, she wore a Hazmat-style suit of goggles, gown, and gloves. And this is what they are putting inside my husband? I thought…

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Time to Rest


Our modern world rushes on. People rarely stop to rest. Bragging rights are given to those who can exist on the least amount of sleep. But in truth God created us to need rest. This past season has been a draining one for me. My husband has been going to chemo therapy for the past […]

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A Quick Guide to Scripture Meditation


  Sit still. Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus. Sounds impossible right? Meditation can seem difficult and impractical–even intolerable. Meditation can appear nebulous and mysterious–even an invitation to trouble. In fact, some types of meditation are dangerous. Eastern meditation emphasizes the emptying of the mind. Jesus warned against this in Luke 11:24-26 where He said an empty […]

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When Your Spiritual Growth Seems Stalled: Think About Going To The Spa Instead Of The Gym


  This blog post is part of the Soul Spa blog tour. You can start reading it here and continue over at my friend Bronwyn’s site! After church one Sunday, a member of our congregation jokingly announced that our services would be much shorter if he gave the sermon. He would edit the message down […]

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Is Meditation Dangerous?

Christian meditation focuses on filling

This post is part of the Soul Spa blog tour. My new book is taking a tour around the Internet. You can catch the rest of this post at Natalie Eastman’s website. I remember clearly when a friend mentioned he was seeing a counselor who recommended meditation. “Clear your mind,” the counselor instructed. “Try to […]

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6 Ways to Worship When Your Worship Has Grown Stale


The sky was bright with the setting sun. As the sun bounced it’s rays on the clouds the sky turned gold, then pink, then purple. I stopped watering my begonias for a minute and worshiped. I have to admit that too often the only worshiping I do is at church on Sunday morning. And sometimes […]

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Book Review: Women, Leadership and the Bible


I met Dr. Natalie Eastman at a retreat for writers. She nearly bubbled over with excitement for equipping women to study the Bible for themselves. She has since written a book on that topic. Women, Leadership, and the Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe? teaches women a five-step process for studying God’s Word […]

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Freedom From The Tyranny Of People-Pleasing

The Fourth of July is upon us–a day of celebration in our country. A time to celebrate the freedom we enjoy in America. A time to be thankful for the fact that we still have the freedom to worship God. With all the emphasis on freedom during the days ahead, it made me realize that […]

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5 Reasons We Avoid Solitude–And Why We Should Embrace It


  Voltaire wrote, “The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude.” But how many of us really believe that? In today’s chaotic, noisy world, it’s easy to avoid solitude. We don’t really have to be alone. Even when we aren’t scheduled to be engaged with people, we can avoid solitude by stopping in a coffee shop humming […]

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The Number One Thing to Learn in a Period of Waiting

numberone waiting

  Elizabeth had a long wait. The Bible tells us that the mother of John the Baptist was “advanced in years” when she gave birth to him. Elizabeth waited a long time to be a mother. She probably questioned her purpose in life from time to time. But when she received the mission of bringing […]

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